• The grand exterior of Raynham Hall

    Raynham Hall

    Raynham Hall is a wonderful 17th and 18th century house which is still in private ownership. The Marquess and Marchioness Townsend live there and this little character came out to greet us when we visited for a tour a couple of years ago. The interiors of the house were gorgeous and full of treasures but no internal photography was allowed. However, there is a wonderful book about it by Michael Ridgdill, if you would like to see more.…

  • Interiors

    Interior Inspiration

    We’ve been working on a house renovation project for some time now and have had to focus on all the necessary but less exciting tasks: roof repairs, rotten beams, new windows, new boiler etc. But FINALLY, this year, we can make a start on the INTERIORS! Although this house is not a grand pile, we still love to take inspiration from the wonderful stately homes and country houses we have visited. For example: we adore the pink fabric…

  • Heritage

    Barons Hall at Raby Castle

    There are a few historic homes that we come back to time and time again, Raby Castle is one such place. Having visited on a number of occasions, exploring both the wonderful grounds and splendid interiors, we often think what a wonderful place it must be to call home. Walking through the Baron’s Hall, you can’t help but think of the important English history that took place within the castle’s walls. From the birth of Cecily Neville (mother…

  • Antiques


    Yesterday’s finer weather has brought out more of the snowdrops in the garden. They are cultivars and we pick one bunch every year, to enjoy indoors. They have a very delicate scent and we have a few different varieties, including a very pretty double. We could not resist the flower brick in the gift shop at Blenheim Palace last year. It’s the creation of renowned Oxfordshire based ceramist Deborah Sears. Her company ISIS Ceramics, makes beautiful pieces in…

  • Heritage

    Melford Hall

    It’s nearly the weekend so let’s celebrate by paying another visit to the marvellous Melford Hall. This grand entrance hall has been made inviting by combining all our favourite elements of English style; a fine fireplace, panelling, period portraits and cheery Knole sofas. Surely the perfect formula for a timeless and comfortable interior? We hope you all have some exciting plans for this weekend!

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    Mystery interior

    Do you know where this pretty panelled room is situated? Whilst this photo is not publication-perfect, it shows the reality of photographing so many of the places we visit. The sensor on the table, is not attractive, but it plays a vital role in monitoring humidity levels in this historic building; Something I became very familiar with when I worked in a museum. The lights are actually just lamps placed on wall brackets, and we think they are…

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    Chase away the Monday Blues

    .. with our quick quiz, designed to test your knowledge of English interiors on a blue theme. How many of the locations of these historic interiors can you identify? They have all been featured on our Instagram page in the past.

  • Heritage

    The fate of one English Country House

    If you are driving North on the M1 in Derbyshire, you might spot the majestic ruins of Sutton Scarsdale high up on the hill. Its roof is open to the sky, the sash windows are empty and the once fine interiors have been removed. This historic house was built between 1724 and 1729, for the 4th Earl of Scarsdale. He commissioned the architect Francis Smith to skilfully incorporate the earlier building of about 1469 within its layout. The…

  • Heritage

    Chatsworth at New Year

    The library at Chatsworth looked stunning this morning, with a traditional tree and stars as accents. There was a time when our English Stately Homes closed from October to March but their festive openings now bring in much needed income to keep them going. Chatsworth was thronging with visitors this morning. Tickets to the house had sold out, the gardens were busy and it was hard to find a free table in the cafes. Whilst some might feel…

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    The Great Dining Room: Chatsworth House

    Following yesterday’s post of Charles Cavendish’s portrait, by Sir Anthony van Dyck, we thought that we would share the painting in situ at Chatsworth House, in Derbyshire. We love the ruby red walls in this stunning setting. Red often appears to be the choice for dining room walls in many stately homes across the country, probably due to a theory that the colour increases the appetite. It also provides a delicious backdrop, particularly for the rich palettes of…