Founded in 2020, by a mother-daughter duo, In The English Style sets out to celebrate all that makes the English homemaking style so much loved around the world.

In our opinion, there is no fixed formula for creating the perfect English room or table. The best approach often evolves by layering old and new pieces to create comfort and beauty, whilst blending in a touch of eccentricity or humour.

Some of the best English homes continue to evolve over time, with their owners adding an object or rug to change the mood, trying out a new wallpaper because they love it, or reupholstering a chair that belonged to Grandmother. Pieces that have been passed down the family are treasured or similar are found in an antique market or auction room to become a future heirloom. There are no rules to this genre of decorating but as William Morris said,

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”.

We love sharing things we believe to be beautiful in the hope that it brightens up your day, makes you smile, or inspires you in some small way. It might be a bunch of flowers from the garden, a family treasure, a table setting, or an auction house find. We live in England, splitting our time between the rural fields of Suffolk and the beautiful city of Bath, in Somerset.