Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall, in Norfolk, is still home to Lord and Lady Townshend, and recently we were lucky enough to visit!

We had no idea what to expect, so drove up the sweeping drive, through the Raynham Estate, and parked up. Almost instantly, the front door opened, and out bounded two Jack Russells to welcome us into this historic home.

Before the tour began, Lord Townshend provided us with an introduction to the history of Raynham Hall, its construction, and his own experiences living there. Lady Townshend, accompanied by both dogs, then took us on an extensive tour throughout the hall. With its grand ceilings, incredible art, and antique furniture, we were surprised by just how cosy it felt inside. The tour gave us a real sense of how challenging it is to run a property of its size and nature.

You may have heard of the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, with the famous pictures by Country Life magazine making Raynham famous for being haunted. We were assured that since more information came to light regarding the lady’s life, the family has not seen her again. We certainly didn’t feel uncomfortable in the house nor as we walked down the staircase itself. In fact, we could have quite happily spent a few hours there!

As the house is still lived in by the family, photography was not permitted inside Raynham Hall. If you wish to see the interiors of Raynham, you can either book onto an open day (as we did) or you can purchase a wonderful book by Michael Ridgdill that gives you an insight into Raynham Hall throughout the seasons.