‘I had these eight English Countesses in the car once!’

On this day, Mum was in her element having just picked up some lovely mezzotints from an auction house in the South of England. They feature eight English countesses by Pierre Lombart (1613-1681) after Sir Anthony Van Dyck. We think the original paintings are in Petworth House and hope to visit them soon.

Buying at auction is great fun and there are lovely things just waiting to be found, often at very reasonable prices. If you can’t view before the sale, we would suggest asking the auction house for a condition report before making a bid and also checking any additional costs such buyers premiums or online fees.

These beauties are destined to hang in a bedroom of a renovation project we are currently working on. Happy bidding everyone! (Please excuse the grubby car, it is usually filled with four whippets… or bales of hay 🫣)